Fishing Charters

General Information

Sydney Harbour Fishing Tours offers 2 sessions per day during the summer months October through April (Day Light Savings Time), with a morning session starting at sunrise and ending about lunchtime, and an afternoon session starting at 1.30pm and ending around sunset. Outside of daylight savings, we can run two sessions each day, with the morning session being standard length of around 7 hours, and a shorter afternoon session of around 5 hours. Over the winter months we run one 5 or 7 hour session each day, with the option of sessions starting later to avoid the morning chill.

Our Charters

Inshore or Close Offshore?

Our fishing is done both inside the harbour and close offshore, where we target everything from big Kings and Jewfish to Snapper, Flathead, Dolphin Fish, Salmon, Trevally, Blackfish and much more. Over the last few years Stuart and Grant have been spending a lot of time fishing outside the Harbour on the reefs and wrecks around Sydney. The reef systems and wrecks are within about 20 minutes, the FAD's (Fish Aggregating Device) a little further boat ride from the heads, however, close enough to shore so that seasickness is usually not a big issue.


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