Close Offshore Fishing

Close Offshore

Over the last few years Stuart and Grant have been spending a lot of time fishing outside the Harbour on the reefs and wrecks around Sydney. The reef systems and wrecks are within about 20 minutes, the FAD's (Fish Aggregating Device) a little further boat ride from the heads, however, close enough to shore so that seasickness is usually not a big issue.

Stripe Tuna

The Best of Both Worlds

Starting your day bait fishing inside the Harbour you get the best of both worlds, the views of our majestic Harbour followed by some adrenalin packed hands-on fishing action.

Fish Species

  • Kingfish
  • Amberjack
  • Mulloway - Jewfish
  • Striped Tuna
  • Australian Salmon
  • Mahi Mahi - Dolphinfish (Summer months)
  • Black Marlin (Summer months)
  • Stripe Marlin (Summer months)

Charter Pricing

Our Charter pricing includes the use of premium equipment, an arsenal of tackle to suit whatever the conditions.

Five (5) hour Session Prices (afternoons only)

Duration Persons Price
5 HOURS 1 $600.00
5 HOURS 2 $700.00
5 HOURS 3 $800.00
5 HOURS 4 $900.00
5 HOURS 5 $1000.00


Seven (7) Hour Session Prices

Duration Persons Price
7 HOURS 1 $700.00
7 HOURS 2 $800.00
7 HOURS 3 $900.00
7 HOURS 4 $1000.00
7 HOURS 5 $1100.00


Nine (9) Hour Session Prices

Duration Persons Price
9 HOURS 1 - 4 $1500.00


Marlin Fishing Trips

Marlin Fishing Trips are available on request, November to March
For more information and costing Email Grant.