About Us

The Company

Sydney Harbour Fishing Tours, the brain child of Stuart Reid was incorporated some 17 years ago, with the vision to become Sydney's premier fishing charter company. The company culture is "safety first", closely followed by ensuring your enjoyment and the statisfaction of you catching big fish. Sydney Harbour Fishing Tours has an unsurpassed fishing "catch" record throughout the Sydney region. Sydney Harbour Fishing Tours prides itself on practising ethical "tag and release" fishing.

The Crew

Stuart Reid


After 20 years as a currency broker, Stuart Reid decided to follow his real passion and spend his working hours doing what he loves - being on the water, catching fish. He has worked as a guide for 17 years now and specializes in introducing people to the thrills of fishing. His background as a currency broker in London and Sydney makes him well suited to hosting corporate trips, while fishing with his own children has given him plenty of experience in introducing young anglers to the thrills of being out on the water, catching fish.
Stuart's credo "He who dies with the most fishing gear wins!"

Seamus McCleave


Seamus brings youthful enthusiasm to the Harbour Fishing Tours team as a skipper and fishing guide,